More barriers wanted for the Rochdale

Published: Thursday, 31 May 2018

IN ADDITION to the concrete barrier that has been erected on the Rochdale Nine in Manchester, there are calls for more barriers.

Rochdale BarrierThis is the result of intoxicated teenager Charlie Pope stumbling into the canal in the early hours on the 3rd March after a night out.

Attempting to cross lock beams

He drowned attempting to cross Tib Lock over the Rochdale Canal, with many people travelling from his home town in Northumberland to where he died as part of a campaign to erect more barriers to stop people falling into the waterway after the death of the 19 years old student.

Over the years many have drowned in the Rochdale Nine after after nights out, with already a great deal of fencing erected, but it seems to little avail, as people still mange to fall in.

resposibility1Charlie Pope's body was discovered in the canal, with his father commenting that there was no way of getting out of the water  and no rings and no throw lines, though as the student was alone it is difficult to see how these could help.


His family and friends have launched a petition to install more barriers that it is stated has reached 5,000 signatures.

Of course it is a tragedy, but those calling for more and more barriers have little concern for the problems they cause for the legitimate users of the waterway, and at the risk of upsetting people, the notice says it all.