Is the 'Manchester Pusher' back?

Published: Monday, 16 April 2018

A CYCLIST on the towpath of the Rochdale Nine in Manchester has been pushed into the waterway.

This is reviving the fear of the 'Manchester Pusher' who people believe was responsible for many of the 17 drowning in the Manchester waterways over the past ten years, Keith Gudgin relates.

Kicked him back in

The cyclist was pushed off his bike as he rode near to the edge of the canal to pass the man, who then struck him knocking him off his bike into the Rochdale Canal. As he tried to get out the man kicked him back into the water in an attempt to drown him, but he eventually managed to get out of the water.

There was no attempt to rob, with the assailant eventually running away.

The last spate of unexplained drownings was put down to the 'Manchester Pusher', someone pushing people into the waterway, and this new incident has raised fears that he is back, with the police warning people to take care on the towpaths in the city.

76 drowned since 2007

The records show that that there have been 76 drownings in the waterways of the city since 2007.  In this latest attempt, police are treating it as an assault rather than attempted murder.