An inaccurate survey

Published: Monday, 19 March 2018

THE Worcester Canal Group is asking people to take photographs of the wildlife on the Worcester & Birmingham Canal as a survey to ascertain what lives on the water,

However, this has been attempted in the past but has always givien a misleading result, especially with swans and ducks.

Impossible to get an accurate picture

For of course people take photographs of the same birds at different locations giving a very exaggerated 'reading'  it being impossible to get an accurate picture.

The former British Waterways arranged a massive 'Wildlife Capture' as it was named, but an instance was the single Kingfisher at Cliff Wood on the Trent & Mersey below Swarkstone that was photographed many times with British Waterways publishing 'there are many Kingfishers' in the area!

At the time Victor made play of the number of swans reported around our marina, though there was only a single pair—photographed of course many times in different locations.