Complaining for the sake of it

Published: Monday, 12 March 2018

I GET the distinct impression that Canal & River Trust is complaining about HS2 for the sake of complaining, writes James Henry.

It tells us that its main concerns are the visual impacts, but it will be there so get used to it.

We will get used to it

It wants 'a bespoke design for the viaduct over the Trent Valley to minimise its impact on the 'historic' landscape. Which I just do not get, as all landscape, that has been there for millions of years, must by now be 'historic'! As to the design, whatever it is, we will get used to it.

And Cart is concerned that a water main will be laid along the towpath at Fradley Junction during construction, but surely it could charge for that! And it does not like a construction access road coming very close to the canal, or a construction compound, that it says should be mitigated.  Yet it allows development after development by the canals with access roads and compounds, with no complaints.

Under the canal

I just cannot understand why it should want a power cable routed under the canal at Kings Bromley instead of over the top to 'mitigate visual impact'.  Does that mean it wants the contractors to tunnel under the canal? Now that will cause problems. 

None of the above has any importance whatsoever, it is CaRT complaining more for the sake of being seen to be doing something. As a frequent user of that section of the Trent & Mersey Canal I for one am not in the least bothered about any of the above, as I don't expect are any other boaters,

It will be good for many to get a decent railway at last instead of lagging so far behind those of the continent.