No thought for legitimate users of the river

Published: Thursday, 08 March 2018

LIKE many boaters do, when I drop down on to the Avon at Bath I moor on the handy moorings, but after one particular drunk stumbled into the river and drowned a fence was erected, writes Hugh Parsons.

bath fencingIt seems that every time another drunk manages to drown himself in the river even more fencing is erected at Bath, but no thought whatsoever for the legitimate users of the river—the boater, as we now have to clamber over the fence, which my mother, when I took her for a trip down the river and back was unable to do.  But who cares about us, we have to stop stupid youths killing themselves, so up go fences.

A sure target

The crazy thing is that that fence at Bath is a sure target for those staggering out of bars in the dead of night, as last September we were woken around 2am to a commotion with three youths—well sozzled of course—egging each other to climb the fence.  I left them to it, as it is best not to get involved with people in that state as it can quickly turn to aggression. Luckily they did not mange it and none fell in the river, so no more fencing.

bath fenceOf course they still manage to drown, I read it was 12 up to the end of last year.

Only one person responsible

Your notice 'Your Health—Your Safety—Your Responsibly' puts it all in perspective, for there is only one person responsible when stumbling into a river or canal and drowning.  So why should we have to put up with miles of awkward fencing just because they are stupid enough to take to river and canal towpaths to stagger home when obviously not capable?