Broadbeams—job done!

Published: Thursday, 08 March 2018

THE only reason that I can see why CaRT has done this [charging more for broadbeams] is simply to make more money from boaters, writes Kevin Howell.

CaRT top brass must have been sat around a table thinking how can we make more money. Easy, charge extra for broadbeam boats as there are now loads more of them!

Boater against boater

They’ll say it’s a licence review. They’ll get boater against boater, widebeam against narrowbeam. They’ll say widebeam take up more space, need a lock to themselves, take up more moorings! And it worked! Widebeam were seen as rich, they can afford it, look at him taking up a full lock! The narrowbeam by now were baying for blood. CaRT said ‘job done, simples’!

So they charge widebeam more. That will change nothing except to CaRT’s bank balance! Widebeams still need locks, they still need to moor. CaRT will be sat around that table again thinking ‘how can we make even more money?’ I know says one of them ‘Make all boaters pay an annual fee to fishermen and cyclists and walkers’!