Here we go again!

Published: Wednesday, 07 March 2018

AS EXPECTED, the teenager Charlie Pope that narrowboatworld reported having drowned in the Rochdale 'Nine' had been drinking up to 2.30am and stumbled into the waterway and drowned.

And as also expected, his father now calls for safety railings alongside the canal in the city.

queerDrunks fell into the water

There have already been railings by the side of the pubs and bars on Canal Street after drunks climbing on the low wall fell in the water and drowned, even though it restricted boaters walking to operate the locks.

The body of Charlie Pope was discovered in the water after a search of the Rochdale Canal by the police, with a online page quickly set-up with the also expected knee-jerk reaction of 15,000 signatures wanting the entire length of the Rochdale Canal fenced off!

His father telling BBC Radio Manchester:

"We are not going to stop—we don't want anyone to go through [what] we have been through. It was icy and there were no barriers. I was astonished how dangerous it was.  I had no idea—people are stumbling out of bars and falling into canals. We could put up barriers in key areas where all the bars are. The Health and Safety Executive would have shut it years ago."

resposibility1Unable to control their drinking

Time and time again, young men unable to control their drinking, stagger out of bars and pubs into the night by the side of waterways and stumble into oblivion, and time and time again the call comes for fencing to protect those that really should be protecting themselves. Those left behind not realising those canals have been there for over 200 years, and are treated with respect, with Canal & River Trust hardly being responsible for what really are people unable to take care of themselves.

In addition to the fencing erected by the canal in Manchester there was also fencing erected by the side of the Avon in Bath, where time after time young men having had too much to drink fell into the river. Yet deaths were still reported in Bath as young men could not resist the fence in their inebriated states.