Boat stove caused boat death

Published: Sunday, 25 February 2018

ONCE again it was the embers falling from the open door of a boat stove that caused a boat fire.

The investigation into the death early last Thursday morning of Alex Bennett has discovered that it was embers falling from the open door of the boat's stove that ignited the surrounding carpet and started the fire.

Stone fireCaused the sad death

This caused the sad death of Alex and her dog whilst moored by the Star Inn at Stone on the Trent & Mersey Canal early last Thursday morning. (Photo by Brian Hawkins.)

The investigation by the fire service found that a door had been left open on a multi-fuel burner, and an ember had fallen onto a nearby carpet that caused the fire.  Her family have been made aware of her death and are being offered support by specially trained police officers.

How to keep safe

Investigation officer, Paul Shaw, tells that his staff will be out speaking to narrowboat liveaboards during the coming days telling them how to keep safe with stoves during this cold weather.

Over the 17 years of the publication of narrowboatworld, time and time again we have reported deaths caused by boat stoves either being stoked too much and causing their surroundings to catch fire or doors left open and embers falling out and causing fires.  A sorrowful lesson to be learned.