The Trust won't like this!

Published: Thursday, 22 February 2018

A contributor to the Manchester Evening News gave a resume of the cons of living by the local canals, that Canal & River Trust will not like.

It gave the cons as:

Insurance – if there’s one thing insurance companies don’t like it is flooding. Check the Environmental Agency’s flood map and don’t be surprised to find insurance companies unhappy that you are less than 50 metres from water.

Vermin – rats like water and also rubbish that can get dropped on the tow path. Although it shouldn’t pose a big problem, you might find some unwanted house guests if you’re the owner of a cat who likes to bring home presents like voles.

Insects – midges love canals so if you have a garden leading down to a canal you might be more likely to get a nibble when relaxing in the long summer evenings.

Smells – British canals certainly don’t usually have the stench of Venice, but stagnant water can cause unpleasant smells. This would be less likely close to a lock, where the water is faster moving, or in more rural locations.

Not au fait

It is quite obvious the writer is not au fait with our waterways, as the towpaths are usually rubbish free in Manchester, and insects are not a problem in a city, and as to waterway being smelly, especially with so many locks...

The normal cons are noisy boat engines. generators and smoke, which did not get a mention, which leaves the feeling that  the writer knew nothing whatsoever about the waterways.