New footbridge for Rochdale Canal

IT IS walkers who are set to benefit from the construction of a new footbridge over the Rochdale Canal in Manchester.

Ulverston Canal saved

THE Ulverston Canal Company and a canal trust  have been formed to take over the derelict Ulverston Canal from its previous owners GlaxoSmithKline.

Another canal murder arrest

THERE has been another arrest of a man who has been charged with the murder of a Chinese man whose body was pulled out of the Selby Canal last year.

No Thames race

THE annual Head of the River Race scheduled for last Saturday has been cancelled owing to the river running too fast.

Encouraging visitors

BRITISH Waterways and  New Deal for Communities ABCD[?] is spending £446,000 in an attempt to open up the Old Main Line of the BCN to encourage more visitors.

Development for disused canal

DEVELOPMENT plans for just under 100 homes have been submitted by a disused canal.

For the Inclined Plane

A SPECIAL event is being held at Foxton Locks at Easter to raise funds for the Inclined Plane.

Cleaning the tidal Thames

THE banks of the tidal Thames had a good clean-up on Tuesday (2nd March) as it was the lowest tide for five years.

Another waterside development goes bust

FAILING to obtain a bond from the developers of a 'prestigious' waterside development, Wakefield taxpayers are left with a big bill after the developers went bust.

Bodge jobs

MANY of you will possibly remember the major breach on the Stourbridge Canal that was eventually repaired and then earlier this year breached again.