Want waterway fenced

THE mother of student of Gavin Terry, who was the worse for drink and subsequently fell into the Aire & Calder Navigation, wants it fenced off.

Way clear to Middle Levels

CAMBRIDGE County Council has obviously taken notice of the Middle Level Commissioners' threat to take action if it did not complete repairs to the footbridge over the Old River Nene in March.

Bug approved

THE Government has this week approved the release of an imported bug which, it is believed, will attack Japanese knotweed.

Oh dear!

THERE were red faces at Strathclyde Police as one it its patrol cars ended up in the Forth & Clyde Canal.

Shillingford repairs

MAJOR repairs are to start on Shillingford Bridge over the Thames, which could cause some delay to navigation.

Devizes to Westminster

THIS year at least 16 crews will be starting off from Devizes Wharf on Good Friday for the annual Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race.

Magistrates slam speeding boater

MAGISTRATES at Maidenhead Court landed a speeding boater with a total of  £4,600 for speeding on the Thames.

The sea lock gates arrive

SHARPNESS Sea Lock gates are seen arriving from Holland to be installed at the end of the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal.

Ten years ago...

TEN years ago today, the 8th March 2000, a new Web address was registered that has had quite an effect on the waterways over the intervening years.

Mersey Crossing full

THE Inland Waterways Association Mersey Crossing Convoy has now reached its capacity, and no more boats can be accommodated.