Well tested

Published: Friday, 15 January 2016

THE floating pontoons installed at the new White Mills Marina on the Nene were well tested over the recent weeks.

Relentless rain swelled the river with its depth increasing and dropping time after time, but the pontoons simply rose and fell as the water rose and fell, with Manager Chris Dixon (pictured) remarking:

Relentless rain

"Our floating pontoons have certainly been put to the test this Winter thanks to the relentless rain. As the banks of the River Nene swelled and its depth increased and dropped and increased and dropped, the pontoons manufactured by Solent Marine Ltd behaved exactly as they had been designed to and that was to float.

"Being polystyrene centred, each concrete block weighs approximately 700 kilos, so it still seems amazing that they can actually float!"

However the terrible weather has delayed things somewhat, but its Open Weekends are still on schedule. (Open Weekends at new marina.)