No hope for Mann's Bridge

Published: Friday, 29 October 2010

The Battle by the Grantham Canal Society for Mann's Bridge to be raised to allow navigation has been lost.

In view of the importance to the future plans of  Mann's Bridge (16), the supporters of the Partnership and Society felt they should seek legal advice as to whether the Minister's ruling could realistically be challenged, but counsels'  opinion was that it would not now be worthwhile.

No compensation

At the same time, the matter of whether some compensation could be gained for the significant increase in Canal restoration costs that will result directly from the work, was also advised against.

The problem of course was that it was not the fault of the planners of the road widening scheme, but the society that had overlooked the lack of headroom at the bridge that would be left by the building of the new duel carriageway.

The society is now considering its options for an alternative passage of the waterway under the new road.