Beta engines safe with new diesel

Published: Friday, 29 October 2010

LIKE many boaters, Ralph Freeman was concerned to read of the possible harmful effects of running his engine on the new fuel mix, so contacted the manufacturer.

My engine in my boat is quite a common choice for mid-sized boats and is a Beta Greenline 38, writes Ralph, so I thought it only sensible to contact Betamarine's Technical Support and see what they had to say. This is the reply I received; the same day I might add:

Dear Ralph

I get a lot of emails regarding the fuel change that is coming. As far as the engine is concerned, they have been developed for ultra low sulphur fuels, so that they comply with the stringent emission controls, both in Europe and America. The bio content has also been taken into account, as all the emission restrictions have been mapped out for the future in a timetable based on the fuel specification. So the engine is fully capable of running with this fuel.

The storage could be a problem as the bio content can lead to higher bacterial growth, and higher water absorption. I have been talking to a filter manufacturer who has developed a large capacity high water absorption filter system, and should have details shortly.

I don't think that it is all doom and gloom, as the lower sulphur content reduces the need to use low quality non detergent oils we recommend now.

High quality oils that contain detergent tend to wash down the bores, thus picking up the fuel residue that builds up the sulphur content in the oil, this can produce a weak sulphuric acid that attacks the bearings.
Don't forget that the fuel change is being done to lower harmful emissions.
Hope this helps, Laurance Talbot