Garish and unnecessary barrier

Published: Friday, 25 June 2010

A BARRIER installed at an Avon lock has been described as a  ‘garish and unnecessary' safety feature.

People of Evesham are appalled at the shocking green barrier installed by the weir near Lock House in the town by the Environment Agency, which is believed to be totally unnecessary but prompted by misguided health and safety, Alan Tilbury reports.

Not required

One resident, David Heritage, complained of the new floating barrier installed at a cost of £330,000, that it not only spoilt the view but in his opinion was not required, adding:

"The reason for it is health and safety. There is a drop of two metres over the weir and the worry is that boats will go over the weir and fall down the drop, which is a lot of rubbish, none have even gone over."

"Boats can't even go over that part of the river as it's about three inches deep—ducks and geese can stand in it. The only time a boat could go over was in times of flooding, but then the navigation signs would be up preventing boaters going on the river."

"It is a startling, garish, green colour and doesn't fit in at all. It is spoiling the view in what is a very nice location. I'm not sure how much it cost but the general consensus is that the money could have been better spent on dredging the river."

Increase risk of flooding

Another resident thought the barrier could increase the risk of flooding by collecting debris floating downstream.

The only comment from the Environment Agency  is from spokeswoman Lyn Fraley:

"The barrier has been put in place as part of the £330,000 Avon Boat Barrier Project, which has a completion date of the end of June."