Narrowboat hijacking for burglary

Published: Thursday, 10 June 2010

Burglars hijacked a narrowboat on the Nottingham Canal to gain access to a canalside door to raid newsagents in the city.

The thieves untied the narrowboat from its moorings, quietly using its pole to propel it to the rear door of the newsagents overlooking the canal, then broke into the premises stealing an estimated £2,000 in cash and £3,500 worth of cigarettes

Gained access

After breaking through the door, the burglars then gained access into the newsagent's cellar, then up into the shop and its stock.

The narrowboat used was the Nottingham City Council Narrowboat Project boat, and it was later found drifting on the canal.


Ron Patel, owner of S&A News told that the robbery had been planned as the thieves cut the wires to the burglar alarm and knew how to gain entry.

Detectives investigating the burglary believed there were three or four people involved, who were believed to have been wearing masks.