Caldon Canal bridge damaged

Published: Thursday, 10 June 2010

A BRIDGE over the Caldon Canal in Milton has been severely damaged by a car ploughing into the parapet.

Such is the state of the bridge that it has been closed to traffic, and according to British Waterways could remain closed for weeks for repair work to take place, Alan Tilbury tells us.


The road is somewhat of a rat run over the single carriageway bridge, and has been the scene of many accidents, but this time a car was going at such speed that it overturned as it struck the parapet causing the damage.

Highways engineers and British Waterways workers carried out  the initial study of the damage, with British Waterways spokesman Steven Hardy remarking:

"Potentially, the road could be closed for weeks as the crash seems to have done some serious damage to the bridge.

"At the moment, we are investigating what needs to be repaired and we are pushing to get things moving as quickly as possible but safety is the priority.

"The bridge has not completely collapsed but the damage is considerable. The waterway continues to stay open as our bridge engineers work on the structure."