EA could ruin river festival

Published: Wednesday, 02 June 2010

THE Environment Agency decided to undertake work on the River Great Ouse in Bedford prior to the Bedford Festival, which could be ruined if the work is not completed.

The work is due to be completed just before the start of the festival in July, but  the record of the agency's work is causing the organisers of the festival concern, Dean Raynor tells us.

Not even started

The work has not even been started, though the agency is hoping to start this week on the estimated three weeks scheme, with the festival beginning on the 17th July.

Work is required on the lock serving the festival, which will be out of action during the period, and will prevent the boats reaching the showground by the river side.

The organisers are worried at the late start to the repair, and that it will be finished in time to allow the estimated 200 boats coming from such as St Neots and Huntingdon being able to get to the event.