Pay back time

Published: Wednesday, 02 June 2010

CAUGHT on CCTV, three graffiti taggers have been made to clean up the mess they made in Ramsgate, which the towns on the waterways would do well to emulate.

The three, two males and one female, were caught by the camera operator in the early hours of the morning spraying graffiti on the ground, then using cameras was able to follow them, picking them up again as they entered their homes.

The police were called and they visited the group, offering them the chance to clear up their graffiti, otherwise they would be charged. The trio then spent the next hour and a half clearing everything off the pavement.

District Commander, Chief Inspector Mitchell Fox spoke of the anti-social behaviour that blights our towns, and the use of CCTV.

Perhaps such as Coventry and the waterway towns and cities blighted by such mess should take note.