Insurance scheme up and running

Published: Friday, 19 March 2010

BOTH the IWA and Navigators & General have told us that the scheme to provide combined insurance with River Canal Rescue is up and running.

It was Victor Swift who cast doubt on the scheme when he pointed out that the editor had actually 'pressed the button' on the Web page and given all details but nothing had been forthcoming.

Instant results

This statement brought instant results from both companies, with Navigators & General stating that it had both replied by email and by mobile phone.

However, the editor has a specific Web address for his private email, not one coupled to a particular server, and told Navigators & General that to his knowledge no email had been lost in over eight years.  With his mobile phone, for personal reasons it is used only when away from home, and has little traffic, so any message would hardly be lost. There was nothing from the insurance company.

As stated however, the scheme is now up and running, and we thought it only fair to point this out, as it could be of interest to many boaters.