BW promise temporary water supply

Published: Friday, 19 March 2010

WITH the collapse of the retaining wall by the water point at Fradley Junction, the supply had to be cordoned off, with no water available for boaters.

With the start of the season this has caused problems as boaters have to go through the swing bridge on to the Coventry Canal to get water, then reverse back through the swing bridge to continue their journey, as the only other water points are four locks away at Alrewas or two hours cruising near to Rugeley. (Photograph by Ralph Freeman.)

No plans

When narrowboatworld pointed out the problem to British Waterways, its spokesman Stephen Hardy told us that there were no plans to remove the water point, it being hoped the repair could be completed as part of the winter programme, however, he gave us some good news in the form of a temporary supply:

"We're looking into providing a temporary water point on-site, and, until this is in place, the nearest alternative water supply point can be found approximately three hundred yards away on the Coventry Canal—although we appreciate that this will mean boaters coming from the east will need to go through the lock and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

So perhaps the mayhem that would have undoubtedly ensued will not happen after all!