More mooring at Tesco

Published: Friday, 12 March 2010

READING Borough Council is proposing to retain the leisure mooring by Tesco on the Thames, and extending it by 100 metres if the demand for use increases.

There have been problems with boats taking up permanent moorings at the site, but last year this was tackled by the wardens to allow boaters to have space to shop at the Tesco store, Alan Tilbury reports.

When we attempted to moor there two years ago, we were forced into the trees as the moorings were full, obviously by  moorers who had settle permanently.

Councillor Tony Page, related:

"Over recent years, during busy periods, some of the moorings haven't been able to cope with demand due to people mooring their boats longer than allowed."

"The council, as part of the consultation, is proposing to limit stays in any 14 days period across all council moorings. This will be monitored through regular visits, targeted at areas where we find ongoing or irregular abuse of moorings."