Price increase for BSS certificate

Published: Saturday, 13 March 2010

HAVING held the price of its Certificate for three years, the Boat Safety Scheme has announce it is to increase the price to BSS Examiners.

But this will only be by £5—just over a pound a year for boaters—and  the new price will be frozen for four years until April 2014, with the increase coming into force in April.

Cannot be avoided

Graham Watts the BSS Manager explained:

"We managed to freeze the price of BSS  Certificates for the last three years, but having looked at all the options, the price change cannot be avoided.

"We recognise that this is an additional cost to boaters who are already facing other financial pressures, so we hope that freezing the price for four years will be of help. BSS  income is being squeezed so we intend to 'invest to save' in order to help stem prices beyond 2014."

Become self-funding

In 2007 the Scheme was asked by its owners British Waterways and the Environment  Agency to become self-funding. From April, the Certificates will cost BSS examiners £29 plus VAT each.

Certificate sales represent almost 90% of the BSS income all of which is used to cover the costs the work underpinning the BSS examination service, risk research and review and the promotion of boat safety advice. A BSS certificate lasts four years before it has to be renewed.