Want waterway fenced

Published: Friday, 12 March 2010

THE mother of student of Gavin Terry, who was the worse for drink and subsequently fell into the Aire & Calder Navigation, wants it fenced off.

Time and time again, when someone who has been on a night out stumbles into a waterway and drowns, it always seems to be the waterway that is to blame.

Renewed campaign

This is a renewed campaign following several deaths on the stretch of the  waterway in the centre of Leeds, with now the local MP calling for safety barriers.

A spokeswoman for Leeds Council told that the council will be working with British Waterways, the police and the private riparian owners to see whether there is anything can be done to improve the situation.

The views of the Health and Safety Executive are also being sought.

Access for boaters

British Waterways Laurence Morgan pointed out that although fencing off the waterfront may appear to be the favourable solution, there are a number of considerations which need to be taken into account, such as safe access to and from the water for boaters, acceptable access for the emergency services and indeed the safe rescue of those who need help when they find themselves in difficulty.