Way clear to Middle Levels

Published: Friday, 12 March 2010

CAMBRIDGE County Council has obviously taken notice of the Middle Level Commissioners' threat to take action if it did not complete repairs to the footbridge over the Old River Nene in March.

For boater K Alexander-Duggan tells us the bridge is now clear and that there has been a rush through with long queues at the town's pump-out, as many boaters were getting desperate!

Readers may remember our story that the council had dragged its feet over repairing the footbridge over the Old River Nene in March, so blocking passage to and from the Middle Levels, but  the commissioners put out at its laxity, gave the council an ultimatum that if the blockage was not taken down by the Monday 15th of March, it will take legal action.  It had an effect, as the blockage was cleared four days ahead of the deadline.