Shillingford repairs

Published: Thursday, 11 March 2010

MAJOR repairs are to start on Shillingford Bridge over the Thames, which could cause some delay to navigation.

This is because stone masons will be repairing the stone work from pontoons on the river.

This is a further phase of the repair, as stonework replaced three years ago had to settle before further work could be carried out on the 1827 bridge.

Stone masons will replace blocks on the stone arches, fascias and parapets from the pontoons, with the work estimated at £400,000, that will take seven months to complete.

Approach with caution

Boaters have been instructed to approach the bridge with caution, as  during part of the work they will have to pass through the smaller side arches instead of the main span.

A  ferry operated at Shillingford until a wooden bridge was built in 1763, before being replaced by the stone arch bridge in 1827.