More cyclists problems

Published: Thursday, 04 March 2010

BRITISH Waterways has warned about cyclists problems on the Regents  and Grand Union towpaths, and a report has called for money to make the roads streets and paths adjacent to the canals safer for cyclists.

The report has called for £1.6 million in improvements to streets and paths adjacent to the canal, including a £1.3 millions recommendation to Westminster Council.

And British Waterways warned about pedestrians' 'dissatisfaction' with cyclists' 'inconsiderate speed and lack of courtesy for other users' in a recent study of safety along the Regent's Canal and Grand Union Canal.

The recommendations by British Waterways were part of a call for an east-west cycle route along the canal stretching from Scrubs Lane to Tottenham.  But many pedestrians and groups have complained of the excessive speed of cyclists and their attitude of anyone who gets in their way.

As only too often reported in narrowboatworld, many blockades have been mounted by angry parents and their children, as seen in the photograph.