The lock that leaks the most—2

Published: Friday, 01 October 2021

I RATHER like the idea of Martin Turner suggesting pictures of which lock leaks the most, writes Alice Trenhale.

LeakingLeicesterWhere leaking from!

But I wonder if it is not the amount of water leaking but where it is leaking from!

It is those leaking from the cill that I believe cause the most problems, for it means that before too long the cill is going to give way and the lock will then be closed while our beloved CaRT engineers 'establish a method of repair'. So I offer my photograph of a Leicester Section lock.

Three attractive dancing fountains

I took so many photographs of leaks, that sorry, don't remember which lock it was, but it has three attractive dancing fountains!

Which adds up to a broken cill occurring in the not too distant future. (The photograph was taken two weeks ago.)