Two more Leeds & Liverpool stoppages

Published: Wednesday, 29 September 2021

YESTERDAY, Tuesday, saw two more stoppages closing the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

Eshton Road Lock (31) at Gargrave is collapsing, with it now closed to navigation, Keith Gudgin reports.

EshtonRoad Lock2006Large depression and deterioration

A large depression has appeared on the towpath side together with deterioration to the masonry on the lock wall, and safety reasons demanded that the lock was closed to navigation.

Engineers are at present assessing the situation, but in the meantime there is the possibility that a limited number of boats may be allowed though before it deteriorates further.

Crabtree Swing Bridge

The further stoppage is a normal one with Crabtree Swing Bridge (32) once again out of action. There is no information as to the reason for its failure, only that engineers are assessing the situation.