Sixth Walton Bridge

Published: Monday, 04 January 2010

IT SEEMS the Thames at Walton is to get its sixth Walton Bridge after a public enquiry approved its design.

The first bridge across the river at Walton was built in 1750, but since then there were four more, with the present fifth bridge—actually  two temporary bridges—being constructed as late as 1999 (pictured), but obviously not as permanent structures.

There has been a long running debate about their replacement, which was ended after the public enquiry, with the new sixth bridge being the first permanent crossing of the Thames in the town since a former bridge suffered war damage, and was demolished in 1985.

It is expected that work can start on bridge number six in April, with the bridge completed by August 2013, and the government providing nearly £30 million for the new bridge.

However there have been objection to the metal archway structure, (an impression is shown) with many believing the new bridge should be of stone as are the others on the river, comparing the new design to industrial area ones like the one in Newcastle over the Tyne.