Marina denying contract

Published: Friday, 01 January 2010

BOATER Jim Shead tells us that the people at Great Haywood Marina are denying the existence of a contract he remembers signing for a berth in 2007.

He is trying to find other moorers at the marina that have signed such a contract, telling us:

"If you have been a moorer at Great Haywood Marina do you remember signing a contract (or berthing licence application) that consisted of one sheet of green/blue A4 paper which was signed on the front and had the terms and conditions on the back? I remember signing and returning such a form in 2007 but the marina company say there never was any such document. Please contact me by email if you remember such a form or have any information about this."

He is trying to discover as many people as possible who may have signed such a contract, as he is trying to find out whether his firm recollection of the contract is supported by anyone else who were moorers around that time. If you are one of these, he would be very glad to hear from you, is email address is:

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