Harecastle keepers to be sacked

Published: Wednesday, 23 September 2020

THE regular keepers at Harecastle Tunnel are to be made redundant and replaced by volunteers.

This is the latest attempt by Canal & River Trust to get rid of more of its workers and replace them with unpaid  volunteers.

Harecastle suspectDisgusted how they are treated

The keepers are disgusted by the way their faithful service is being rewarded, and are telling boaters that are passing through the tunnel of the situation and that they are to be replaced by 28 volunteers.

The keepers had an inkling that CaRT was about to get rid of them when the days of opening were severely curtailed, even though after the pandemic the number of boats using the tunnel had increased dramatically.

Taken the jobs of workers

We wonder how these volunteers will react when told by boaters—as they certainly are going to be—that they have taken the jobs of workers and caused them to be sacked?  For that is exactly what they have done.

And how about CaRT's much valued Health & Safety—with amateurs in control of such a dangerous environment?