Wigan Flight closure extended

Published: Monday, 10 August 2020

THOUGH there were hopes of the Wigan Flight being open for last week-end its closure has been extended.

It will be the end of this week until there will be an update due to problems with creating frame, Keith Gudgin reports.

wigan flightBountyFrame is needed

For some reason, that is not explained, a frame is needed to be able to repair the heel post of Lock 73 on the flight that is taking time.

Canal & River Trust tell that its engineers, along with  fabricators, continue to design and manufacture a steel frame to be able to repair the broken heel post.

New method

Work will start this week for this seemingly new method of repair, as there is no record of a frame having to be fabricated for such a repair in the past.

In the meantime the entire flight is chained-up.