Victor: Where are these decisions coming from?

Published: Sunday, 07 June 2020

I JUST cannot understand the decisions coming from CART these days.

Boaters stuck on the Leeds & Liverpool are told they have just three days to get off and hampered by varying opening times of the many flights in the bargain.  How those at the 'wrong end' will manage is not considered, as obviously whoever thought this one up has no idea of the length of the waterway.

It has been decided that the Harecastle Tunnel will only be open four days each week, and only for four hours in the morning,  Another with little thought for leisure boaters, as they are not allowed to stay overnight and there are no marinas in the vicinity, so by the time they get there it will most likely be closed.

Should they actually mange it and get though—then what if they cannot stay anywhere overnight?

One thing for sure, decisions like these certainly don't spread any 'wellbeing' amongst its boaters—the opposite in fact.

Still more

All regular boaters must have noticed dredging at one time or another, and always done from a digger in a boat, simply proceeding along the waterway and dropping the silt either onto the side or into a dumper truck.

But now someone is his or her wisdom has decided that a pound on the Huddersfield Narrow must be first emptied and the fish caught and re-housed before the dredging can commence.

I just don't get it.

What's happened to plain English?

Plain English, that we can all understand, is something that is being lost by CaRT as most must surely realise by the 'Cartisms' these days. 

So now Instead of 'keep your distance from workers', we have to suffer 'when instigating communications and interacting with our customers. Please respect this personally safety zone'.

The only person such rubbish impresses is most likely the idiot who conjured it up.

I like it!

I do like the idea of the 'Memories' link, where you are sending your photographs, started in response to CaRT's own 'good' memories, as our Thomas thought there should of course be an alternative of 'bad' memories as there are certainly more of them!

Then Ralph Freeman took it further by 'good' memories of before CaRT, or BC as he aptly named them.  Good eh?  Keep 'em coming...

Victor Swift