Drowned after heavy drinking

Published: Tuesday, 27 March 2018

A YOUNG man had a night of heavy drinking then it is believed staggered into the Bridgewater Canal and drowned.

The inquest into the death of Caspar Blackburn, 22, heard that after a night of heavy drinking, including a cocktail of whiskey, vodka, a bottle of Jack Daniels, then falling off a bar stool, he drowned in the Bridgewater Canal, Keith Gudgin reports.

Weeks of searching

It took a week of searching until he was discovered dead in the canal just 200 yards away from where he was last seen on CCTV sitting on a bench by the water.

He told his friends that he was 'steaming' when he left the Slug and Lettuce bar at 2am during last September, but they became separated, the friends believing he was walking home.

Search started

But he had disappeared, with the police being called and a search started, and he was eventually found in the canal. It is however unclear how he came to be in the water, but believed he stumbled in and in his state was unable to get out.

So yet another drunken drowning to add to the ever increasing number at Manchester. And of course the call for more barriers.