Advisory groups' bandwagon

Published: Friday, 23 March 2018

I HOPE you will allow me to congratulate John Coxon on his excellent article on the way that CaRT wastes its money, writes James Henry.

Like I expect many others, I just did not realise how many people are on its advisory groups' bandwagon, and he only exposed a couple [of the groups], all who will be collecting in some way or another from CaRT.  Their combined 'expenses' must be phenomenal.

Crippling itself

Little wonder the begging bowl has come out again to repair the breach on the Middlewich Branch, it just shows how CaRT is crippling itself with its daft spending. There is no wonder it had to resort to its 'indefinate closures' of its waterways and its maintenance is so far behind, as it had most likely fritted away all its spare cash.

And then I read it is after a £100 miilions loan and also having to sell its marinas. On a scale of one to ten I think we can all agree that for its business accumen it rates nought.