Got on with the job

Published: Thursday, 22 March 2018

I HAVE just seen the page where Canal & River Trust demeans itself by asking for money to repair the breach at Middlewich, writes, James Henry.

When I first started boating British Waterways got on with the job of repairing the breach on the newly opened Kennet & Avon Canal without all the fuss we now have to suffer, it certainly did not go begging as it had the money on hand to repair it.


Reading over the years of the many and varied affairs that CaRT has concerned itself with, and that it is also begging for a £1 million loan, it is clear to all that it has 'spent-up'.  But I can't see the public rescuing it for what after all, spending like it does, is its own stupidity.

There have been many breaches in the time I have been boating, and for CaRT to bury its head in the sand and have no contingency left to afford to repair such an obvious recurrence shows a complete lack of forward planning.