Volunteers had cut larger branches

Published: Wednesday, 14 March 2018

THE story in Victor on Sunday mistakenly told that only the towpath side had been trimmed, which was not the whole story, as Neil Barnett explains:

If he had bothered to pay attention, this crew of seven (which consisted of only one CaRT employee and six volunteers) had been busily cutting the offside vegetation, but when this photo was taken they had just moved over to the towpath side in order to dispose of the smaller branches behind the hedge and use the wood chipper to deal with the previously cut larger branches.

Moved back to offside

I remember seeing him taking the photo, and then he stood watching as we moved back to the offside to continue with the branch cutting. Strange isn't it that he hasn't provided you with any photos of that? I wonder why? Perhaps his battery on his camera had died!

There doesn't appear to be any right of reply to his blog so it doesn't look as if I will be given the chance to correct this 'fake news'. Hopefully you will either remove it or at least publish the correct information, but I doubt you will.

[Neil Barnett is a IWA Volunteer.]