What you can burn on your stove?

Published: Wednesday, 14 March 2018

WITH the controversy raging at this time concerning smoke from boat stoves, it is important you do not break the law.

This  is particularly important in the cities and towns, such as London, where the mayor is focussing on smoke from moored boats, and seems intent upon stopping it.

Logs and wood

Trevor Mapstone has given the Iink to show that logs and wood can be burned in smoke control areas providing you are using an exempted appliance of which the list is extensive.

The link is https://smokecontrol.defra.gov.uk/appliances.php

And the extensive list of appliances is at https://smokecontrol.defra.gov.uk/appliances.php?country=england

Who will be checking?

Trevor asks the all important question: Who will be checking each and every boat?