Money from third party stoppages

Published: Monday, 26 February 2018

SEEING the recent article by Gongoozler I wondered if Canal & River Trust could follow the example being set by the Department for Transport, writes Mike Stone.

Responding to the long traffic jams caused by roadworks which are becoming more of a problem to drivers I read that these could now be a thing of the past as a scheme on trial in Kent and London has significantly reduced delays.

Charged for digging up roads

The scheme effectively rents traffic lanes to utility companies who are charged up to £2,500 a day for digging up the busiest roads at peak times. The scheme will now be available to be used nationally by local councils

Firms are incentivised to work on quieter roads or outside of rush hour, or even to collaborate with other companies to stop roads being dug up multiple times, to reduce the impact of roadworks on drivers.

About 2.5 million roadworks are carried out each year, costing the economy £4 billion in increased costs to businesses through delayed or late deliveries or staff being caught in holdups.

How much does Canal & River Trust charge?

Now I wonder how much Canal & river Trust currently charges third parties for stoppages. Does anyone know?

I am sure a charge of £2,500 per day for each stoppage would significantly help swell its coffers! Welcome as the money would be, it is the time saved that would benefit boat businesses and owners that are inconvenienced or delayed by such works.