Mooring charges for continuous cruisers

Published: Wednesday, 21 February 2018

IT IS clear that David Parsons (Cruising and mooring charges) has made his mind up how he will take to the water, writes Sid Haworth.

It seems he  is worried about mooring charges being introduced for continuous cruisers, that at the moment are not.  And perhaps if on a limited income he should be.

Risen dramatically

Over the past few years the number of boaters taking out continuous cruising licences has risen dramatically, no few it seems believing it includes free moorings or moving a few hundred yards on the Kennet & Avon!

To me it seems CaRT will see the introduction of an extra charge only natural to the standard licence fee for continuous cruisers, backing it up  with the argument that they use moorings every day of the year so use facilities much more than those on permanent moorings.

Object to continuous cruisers

I have friends on linear moorings who pay dearly with only a tap as extra facilities who object to the continuous cruisers getting the same for nothing, though personally, as a continuous cruiser myself who follows the rules, I tell them that they can do exactly the same, but they want the privilege of being secure in one place.

Personally the way CaRT is going with its money it is only a matter of time until it sees CCs as a source of extra income, so David Parsons perhaps should be worried.