Good idea to slow the cyclists

Published: Wednesday, 21 February 2018

ONE of our regular contributors, Brian D Jarrett has a rather good idea to attempt to stop those mad Strava cyclists making our towpaths so dangerous.

Pedestrtian priorityIt is for CaRT to roll out the installation of these notices on its upgraded towpaths that are used for time trials, telling us:

CaRT's wasted slogan

"I’ve already sent this to CaRT suggesting that more of this type of signage around the system would do more than the wasted slogan “Drop your pace share the space'!

"This sign is at Diglis Basin. We need to get this into the mind set of all that use our towpaths, if we are to continue enjoying and taking in the canal and it’s surroundings.

"Unfortunately the 'management' appears to live in the bubble assuming all people behave in a considerate manner!"