Cruising and mooring charges

Published: Monday, 19 February 2018

NEARING retirement and living on my own I am seriously thinking of selling-up, buying a boat and taking to the canals, writes David Parsons.

Before I lost my wife we sailed the canals every year for nine years as our annual holiday, that we both thoroughly enjoyed, so the decision is not one taken lightly.

Mooring charges

So I don't consider myself a 'newby' in this matter so am not about to ask those who have taken to the canals what it is all about, as I believe I know!  But one thing does bother me and that is about mooring charges, and as a regular reader of your site I thought you the best to ask.

I understand about continuous cruising, and this is the road I would like to take, and spending the bulk of my working life outdoors, the winters are no problem to me, but what does bother me is this about paying for moorings.  I am not interested in being stuck cheek to jowl in a marina and certainly don't want to pay what I see as outrageous fees for the privilege.

Organisations against it

But from what I understand there is an effort by the authorities to get payment for mooring in addition, or part of, the boat licence for those that continuously cruise, though some organisations representing them is against it, but do you think it will come into force and if so at what sort of charge?

[We answered David's question to the best of our ability, but should anyone else like to give him advice, feel free!]