Mini-inspection service offered

Published: Thursday, 01 February 2018

IN A bid to help boaters with their onboard maintenance, River Canal Rescue is from the beginning of the year providing a free engine mini-inspection service when attending a call-out.

RCR inspection imageOnce the call-out is dealt with, RCR will give the engine a quick ‘once over’ and highlight any work that’s needs doing outside of the current visit. Trialled last year, the service is available nationwide to all members, with RCR managing director, Stephanie Horton, commenting:

Tackle minor issues

“We’re keen to encourage boaters to pay more attention to their onboard maintenance, particularly as parts have a habit of failing at the most inappropriate times and are not always available immediately. This additional service will hopefully cut down the number of call-outs we receive and help boaters tackle any minor issues before they become major problems.”

In January, RCR reported it attended 162 rescues in 2017, up from 150 in 2016, and 4691 call-outs, 115 more than the previous year.