CaRT officially puts claim to EA navigations

Published: Thursday, 07 December 2017

NO BIG announcement, but just an in-house newsletter statement telling that Canal & River Trust has finally made the bid to take over the Environment Agency navigations.

In fact if it wasn't for the Inland Waterways Association, the bid would most likely have passed unnoticed, as there was no usual statement from the Trust's Chief Executive or even a Press Release proclaiming the move to take over, but the IWA could not resist leaking the announcement, being in partnership with the Trust.

Would suffer under CaRT

 Regular readers of narrowboatworld will be well aware of the complaints from its contributors about CaRT and its poor maintenance record taking over such as the well maintained Thames, with its boaters worried about how maintenance would suffer under the jurisdiction of CaRT.

The Agency boaters, aware of the lax maintenance by CaRT of its waterways, will undoubtedly believe the lack of any announcement of the proposed takeover is because the Trust realises that boaters will be very much against being taken over by an organisation that cannot even keep its existing waterways open.