Rochdale lock repaired again

Published: Wednesday, 30 August 2017

THE failure of Lock 19 on the Rochdale Canal—twice in just over a week—was caused by failure of its paddle, but has been repaired again with the navigation open.

Last week's closure of the guillotine lock at Todmorden last Wednesday was described as caused  by a 'mechanical fault' with no further explanation given, and was repaired and reopened on Friday, Keith Gudgin told us us.

Todmorden19Failed Bank Holiday Monday

There was no notice given that the repair was temporary, but it failed again on Bank Holiday Monday, when we are told there were boats stuck at both sides of the lock, with the queue building up all day with boats abandoned as people had to get back to their homes.

This is the eighth closure of the Rochdale Canal so far this year, with this time the closure, Canal & River Trust state, due to 'structure failure' and a 'mechanical fault'.  Take your pick.

But the Trust admits that the last reason for its closure was the failure of its paddle.  Being a guillotine lock, it only has a single paddle set in its gate, so when this fails the navigation is closed.