Brownlow Bridge being repaired

WORK has started on the repair the damaged Brownlow Bridge over the Grand Union Canal at Leighton Buzzard.

Victor: Scotland has its bridge problems too

THOUGH Cart swing and lift bridge failures have been most prominent on narrowboatworld recently, Scotland doesn't do so well with its bridges either!

CaRT's latest caper!

WE SHOULD imagine that most of you boaters are wondering what will be the next CaRT caper for getting rid of our money—it's a good one!

The other Middlewich breach

IT IS not generally known, but in the past there was another breach of the Middlewich Branch—then known as the New Cut—but what a difference in their repairs, as Pam Pickett explains:

Why was the breach left to the emergency services?

WHEN the culvert collapsed at Melling on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal it was the emergency services that attempted to stay the flow from the breach.

The 'all or nothing' approach

CLOSING a canal for only half a mile but effectively closing the whole of the canal is but an extension of the 'all or nothing' approach we have seen for many years. writes Bill Ridgeway.

Will they roll it on?

I WAS aghast to read that contractors had closed a mile of canal for the day to attend to trees, writes Helen Cripps.

H&S rules mis-interpreted

ACCORDING to the article 'Health & Safety gets worse', The health and safety regulations are getting even more of a hindrance to boating, writes Bill Ridgeway.

Take a break at Stenson Lock

SHOULD you have cruised up from some of the 'terrible six' as the broad locks at the eastern end of the Trent & Mersey Canal are well known, there's the chance of a long rest at Stenson Lock.

Health & Safety gets worse

 THE health and safety regulations are getting even more of a hindrance to boating.