Inquest into magnet 'fishing' drownings

THE inquest opened yesterday, Wednesday, into the deaths of the two men who drowned whilst magnet 'fishing'.

The Weaver is running dry

NOT only was there another problem with the Anderton Lift earlier this week preventing full use on to the Weaver, but the river itself is now running dry!

Beware of fake CO alarms

FAKE carbon monoxide alarms are being offered on the internet, that do not work.

Visit the first Bostin Fittle Festival

THE  Dudley Canal Tunnel & Limestone Mines are inviting everyone to its first Bostin Fittle Festival.

Now comes the water shortage

THE Canal & River Trust are asking boaters to 'save water' on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal as there is a water shortage.

London moorings

BOATING in London has soared in popularity in recent years, Canal & River Trust tells us.

Spending the cash on nature reserves

THE Canal & River Trust proudly tell of its £4 millions project—on a nature reserve!

CaRT 'screws' London Boaters

IT SEEMS that the demand for London boat moorings coupled with their shortage has proved too much of a temptation to Canal & River Trust.

Last breach boat finally rescued

THE last boat left stranded when the Middlewich Branch breached was removed on Friday.

Help wanted to transport boat

HELP is wanted to transport a boat to a festival that has been restored after being found abandoned.