'No Entry' is there for a reason

Published: Tuesday, 04 April 2017

THIS morning two, obviously not too sensible, boaters decided to ignore the rather large  'No Entry' signs on the Trent by Sawley Lock and take a cruise up river towards the weir—and became well and truly stuck!

We were taking the dog for a walk around the weir and down river, when approaching the road bridge over the river at Sawley we noticed a fella on the roof of Robert C reaching up to the bridge, thinking he was examining it.


But approaching, we realised he was attempting to use the bridge to get leverage to push his boat!  The pair had totally disregarded the warning signs that there was no entry and had obvious gone up the river at full power getting the boat well and truly grounded under the bridge, as the river was low.  In the picture it can be seen they have the engine going at full power, but as most of you know this only digs the boat in deeper.

With no rain forecast the river will be getting lower and lower, so how they will get the boat free is a problem.  No sensible boater will risk taking a boat up there with the risk of also getting stuck and such as a shallow draughted tug will surely not have the power to pull such a narrowboat so obviously well grounded.

At least it is providing some entertainment for the moored boaters on Sawley Cut!