CaRT 'screws' London Boaters

Published: Monday, 25 June 2018

IT SEEMS that the demand for London boat moorings coupled with their shortage has proved too much of a temptation to Canal & River Trust.

It has seen this as a handy 'cash cow' and is milking boaters for all they are worth, with mooring charges of around £12,000 a year for residential berths being demanded.

'Making Life Better by Water'

Under its new 'Making Life Better by Water' regime it was upping charges at 10% a year, many times the rate of inflation, with even higher charges in the pipeline, as the trust maintain higher charges will come into force.

The demand of course is driven by people unable to afford the astronomical rents of flats and such like in the capital, taking to the water to cut costs, but the trust is using it to keep increasing charges.

Reflect market rate

However the trust maintains that its increases reflect the market rate for residential moorings in the capital, though those facing the swingeing increase in fees feel they are being taken advantage of.

In some case, moorings are operated by 'independent' operators but they are little more than agents for Canal & river Trust, so charge the higher mooring rates.